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About Us

Empowering survivors of Intimate Partner Violence to lead healthy and successful lives.
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Anafiel House was founded in 2018, after Mark Warner and his wife, Dana, assisted a friend going through an abusive situation. They found that by providing some assistance, counsel and encouragement, this young lady became free from her abuser and went on to lead a life of independence. 


Today, Anafiel House, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization located in Ringgold, Georgia, providing services to the Northwest Region of Georgia (Bartow, Catoosa, Walker, Whitfield, Murray, Gordon and Floyd), as well as Hamilton and Bradley Counties in Tennessee. 


With our transitional and referral services along with comprehensive case management, we have the ability to assist Survivors navigate resources that will allow them to become independent, strong individuals to lead healthy and successful lives.

Meet The Team


Callora Pearce

Executive Director

Callora Pearce was invited to come onboard as an Office Manager in July of 2018 when Anafiel House was just starting up in the home of Mark and Dana Warner.

In the following month, Mr. Warner found an office space in Ringgold Georgia, and from there she continued to assist the Executive Director with a variety of responsibilities and tasks to get Anafiel House operating in full swing.

By November of 2021, Ms. Pearce was promoted to Assistant Director, allowing her to become more engaged within the community and initiating partnerships with other 'like' organizations while overseeing the internal and external operations of Anafiel House.

As of July 11th of 2022, Mr. Warner confidently passed the integral role of Executive Director over to Ms. Pearce to continue his legacy and to nurture Anafiel House's cause.

Ms. Pearce brings to Anafiel House over 35 years of administrative, organizational & managerial expertise, along with a keen understanding of domestic abuse being a Survivor herself.


Rhonda Cook

Client Care Representative

Rhonda Cook, MSW brings to Anafiel House over 25 years of social work experience in a variety of settings with diverse clients. As a social worker, Rhonda understands the role of advocates and posses the skills necessary to facilitate change. As the Client Care Representative for Anafiel House, Rhonda assists client in identifying those services required to meet their needs. Rhonda is a warm, open, encouraging, and direct, believing that healing is a collaborative endeavor that requires honest caring without judgement. This philosophy makes Rhonda an integral part of the Anafiel House team.


Hannah Sloman

Administrative Assistant

Hannah Sloman is a single mother of 3 children who has recently joined the Anafiel House Team. Aside from being an at home mom, Ms. Sloman worked previously in retail and in the food service industry. Providing support and service to Anafiel House is what Hannah strives for. Welcome Hannah!

Our Board Members


Amy Renae


Amy Darby is a mother of 2 and the owner and operator of Luna Yoga in Fort Oglethorpe. After being a stay-at-home mom for 14 years, she pursued her teaching certificate in Vinyasa Yoga; obtained two certificates for Children’s Yoga; as well as an extra certification for Restorative Yoga.  After 5 years of teaching privately, Amy decided it was time to open her very own space in May of 2019.  Her mission was simple: To create an atmosphere where EVERYONE was welcome; teach that EVERYONE can do Yoga; to make it affordable; and most importantly, to create a loving, non-judgmental sanctuary for healing.


“Yoga has changed my life in many ways, so I feel it is only appropriate that I share my knowledge.  As a Survivor of abuse from childhood into adulthood, yoga has helped me tremendously with my mental and emotional health. I am a Safe Place, as is my business; and will always be”


Amy has always had a keen interest in helping others with their survival and makes herself available to anyone.


“I want to make myself available to help because I understand firsthand, the courage it takes to move forward.”

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Mark D. Warner

Founder/Vice President

Mark Warner is the Founder and Vice President of Anafiel House, guiding new advocates in the field of Intimate Partner Violence and overseeing the background details of the organization. Mark hails from Northern Michigan but has been a permanent fixture in North Georgia for more than a decade. Mark is a seasoned technical communicator with more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology. Mark currently holds a master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Adler University. Mark believes that no survivor of Intimate Partner Violence should be left to face the challenges of recovery alone. It was his unshakable drive that saw Anafiel House go from a concept to an incorporated nonprofit organization. Mark has found his life's passion in service to his community and plans to continue fostering and growing with Anafiel House as his lasting legacy.


Dr. Candice Cooper-Lovett


Dr. Cooper-Lovett is a wife, mom and owner of A New Creation Psychotherapy Services, LLC a holistic group practice in the south Atlanta Metro Area. A licensed marriage and family therapist and sex therapist, Dr. Cooper-Lovett is an AAMFT clinical fellow and approved supervisor. She is also a prepare and enrich facilitator and trainer. Additionally, she is a tantric/energy healer which expands the capacity of healing for individuals and couples. She currently serves on the advisory committee for AAMFT’s minority fellowship program. Additionally, she serves as a reviewer for the journal of interpersonal violence. Dr. Cooper-Lovett has over 15 years of experience and specializes in trauma specifically domestic, sexual and community violence. She also specializes in sexuality and sexual issues, as well as  female sexuality and pleasure in both individuals and couples. Her work has contributed to peer reviewed journals, and media articles and magazines. Dr. Cooper-Lovett has presented at many national conferences since her undergraduate career. Over the years she has also been on radio shows, podcasts, television, panels, workshops, CE trainings, and keynotes surrounding various topics around violence, marriage and relationships, sexuality and relationships, infidelity recovery, clinical implications in working with African American youth, and mental health awareness in African American communities.


Sonja Helmholtz


Join us in welcoming Sonja Helmholtz as our new Board Secretary. Sonja comes to Anafiel House with a Bachelor of Science degree in Multidisciplinary Education. She has 10 years experience working within the Hamilton County Tennessee education system. Currently, Sonja is a Mental Health Advocate and serves people in need through the practice of holistic healing. Her compassionate nature, bright personality, and unique perspective on life are a welcomed addition to the Anafiel House team.


Freddie Lovett

Chair Member

Freddie Lovett is a devoted husband and father who is married to the wonderful and amazing Dr. Candice Cooper-Lovett. Mr. Lovett is an AmeriCorps Senior Director for Easter Seals of North Georgia Inc, in Atlanta, Georgia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of psychology from Morehouse College. As he matriculated through life, he later on received his Master’s Degree from the University of Phoenix. Additionally, he has over 14 years of experience in social work and has a passion for working with the senior population, which has given Mr. Lovett a sense of purpose in life. He is also a certified life coach in which he focuses on healing couples and individuals through Solution Focus Therapy. Mr. Lovett has been a mentor to variety of people that has proven to be a positive impact in many lives.

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Dr. Ronjonette O'Bannon

Chair Member

Dr. Ronjonette O’Bannon, LCSW, operates an online clinical private practice (Transformation Opportunities, LLC) that supports women and couples who have experienced childhood trauma and adult relational trauma. Dr. O’Bannon imparts over twenty-five years of clinical social work practice experience as the Director of Counseling in higher education, an Assistant Professor of Social Work, and a Policy strategist for New York State Unified Court Systems. Dr. O’Bannon’s practice and research interests include:


The reciprocal relationship between childhood maltreatment, adult revictimization, and criminal justice reforms for women.

Mental health effects of discrimination and stigma among marginalized groups.

Creating interventions that support socioeconomic growth and development among women globally.


Dr. O’Bannon earned a Ph.D. in social work at Smith College, an MSW from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and a postgraduate certificate in Trauma-Informed Clinical Care at SUNY Buffalo. Her professional experience includes many years advocating for policy changes for juvenile offenders and destigmatizing mental health care for women of color.

Our Volunteers


John Johnson


Heather Bryson


Anna Blake


Sylvia Kirby


Kenneth Myers


Aras Yaseen

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