About Us

Empowering survivors of Intimate Partner Violence to lead healthy and successful lives.

Anafiel House, Inc. is a Georgia non-profit organization dedicated to providing services to survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) without regard for gender identity or sexual orientation. We believe that nobody should have to face the challenges of recovery from IPV alone. 

The initial concept for Anafiel House began in 2015 after the founder, Mark Warner, befriended a woman who had recently left a situation of extreme mental, emotional, and financial abuse. He entered into an intensive counseling and coaching relationship with this survivor. Less a month into their work, the survivor was contacted by her former abuser, returned to him, and found herself trapped by his manipulation. It took quite a bit of encouraging for her to leave again. Within a year Mark saw the survivor stable, holding a full-time job, and attending college. 

The survivor was a fan of Jaqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series of fantasy novels and, referencing a character who helped the protagonist rebuild their life after abuse, referred to Mark as "my Anafiel". This struck a deep chord in him and he resolved to live up to that name. In November 2018 we received the permission of Jaqueline Carey to use "Anafiel" in our business name.

Impressed by how much improvement he saw in the survivor, Mark began to consider how he might apply his philosophy and techniques to the broader population. He decided that establishing a nonprofit organization accepting clients form all lifestyles would be the best way to do this. In time this organization would come to be known as Anafiel House, Inc.

Mark and his wife Dana have no children and so it was decided that Anafiel House would become their lasting legacy. In July of 2019 Mark, Dana, and the survivor who had inspired this effort incorporated Anafiel house Mangement Company, LLC with the purpose of gathering information, networking with other organizations in the field, and laying the foundations that would be required to help survivors of Intimate Partner Violence. 

With the help of a truly outstanding staff, Mark Warner and Anafiel House, Inc. have assisted multiple clients in accessing the resources they needed to lead healthier and more successful lives.

Meet The Team

Mark Warner

Executive Director

Mark Warner is the founder and Executive Director of Anafiel House, guiding new advocates in the field of Intimate Partner Violence and overseeing the background details of the organization. Mark hails from Northern Michigan but has been a permanent fixture in North Georgia for more than a decade. Mark is a seasoned technical communicator with more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology. Mark currently holds a master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Adler University. Mark believes that no survivor of Intimate Partner Violence should be left to face the challenges of recovery alone. It was his unshakable drive that saw Anafiel House go from a concept to an incorporated nonprofit organization. Mark has found his life's passion in service to his community and plans to continue fostering and growing Anafiel House as his lasting legacy.

Rhonda Cook

Client Care Representative

Rhonda Cook, MSW brings to Anafiel House over 25 years of social work experience in a variety of settings with diverse clients. As a social worker, Rhonda understands the role of advocates and posses the skills necessary to facilitate change. As the Client Care Representative for Anafiel House, Rhonda assists client in identifying those services required to meet their needs. Rhonda is a warm, open, encouraging, and direct, believing that healing is a collaborative endeavor that requires honest caring without judgement. This philosophy makes Rhonda an integral part of the Anafiel House team.

Callora Pierce

Office Manager

Callora Pearce brings to Anafiel House over 30 years of administrative & managerial skills, hospitality, as well as providing exceptional customer service. With these skills and her personal experience, combined with being a survivor herself, Callora understands the importance of the support needed to empower and encourage survivors during difficult times.

Anna Coyle

Administrative Assistant

Anna Coyle is a current social work major at Chattanooga State Community College. She began volunteering for Anafiel House in October of 2020 and was hired shortly after. Anna is originally from Dalton, Georgia but has been living in Ringgold for almost two years. Her passion for the social work field and empowerment of survivors stems from growing up in a violent household. Her ultimate goal is to seek justice for all families who have been affected by IPV.

James Kay

Grant Writer

James Kay is our grant writer who has been with us since February of 2021. James is originally from Dalton, Georgia but currently resides in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from Dalton State College in 2018 with a bachelor's in business management and a minor in entrepreneurship. He is now in pursuit of his MBA in nonprofit management from Shorter University. James has experience with starting up his own business, as well as managing a local nonprofit. James has a passion for helping those in need, as well as assisting nonprofits in the growth of their organizations.

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Board of Directors

Simone Purnsley

Vice President
Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

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