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Welcome to Anafiel House


Intimate Partner Violence

Transitional Services

Because Home Is Where Healing Happens

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Getting You Where You Need To Go

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"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."

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“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

Who We Help

Many who are researching resources on the internet will always run into Anafiel House, and assume we are a shelter because of our name. We are not. If assistance is needed with locating a shelter, we will give our best effort in locating one, depending on the area.

Anafiel House is for people who have successfully left their abuser(s) and need assistance putting their lives back together. We pick up where the shelters leave off and also help people who are still dealing with the effects of abuse long after they have left their abusers.


We understand that whenever there is an intimate relationship, there is the potential for abuse. Along with more traditional clients, we welcome clients who are LGBTQIA+ and/or practice Alternative Lifestyles and/or Alternative Relationships. 

What We Offer

When you contact Anafiel House, you will be assigned a Client Care Representative (CCR) who will administer a comprehensive needs assessment.

Your CCR will work with you to create a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals and prevent a return to an abusive relationship. 

Anafiel House will help you achieve each step of your plan using the appropriate resources such as - 

Managed Referrals to Professionals in Your Area:

  • Lawyers

  • Doctors

  • Counselors

  • Child Care

Assistance with Finding and Obtaining:

  • Housing

  • Transportation

  • Employment

Assistance with Basic Educational Needs:

  • Driving School

  • G.E.D.

  • Vocational School

How Much It Costs

Our In-House Services are Free.


Fees for services from third-party providers are determined by those providers. We will do our best to find you providers who offer sliding-scale or pro bono billing.

You may qualify for financial assistance with third-party fees based on your income and our availability of funding.

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About Us

Anafiel House is a Georgia non-profit organization dedicated to providing services to survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) without regard for gender identity or sexual orientation. We believe that nobody should have to face the challenges of recovery from IPV alone. We have developed programs to provide direct assistance to IPV survivors for housing, education, medical/mental health recovery and Transportation. We are not a shelter or emergency services organization. Though we make every reasonable attempt to secure services for those who need them, we cannot always guarantee success.

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